The Northern Village of Green Lake and Openeetan Economic Development Corporation are actively looking for new partnerships and exploring new business opportunities. As of 2016, the Northern Village of Green Lake had a population of 429 with an employment rate of 33.33%. Most of the labor force is employed in Construction and Education Industry.

Green Lake Demographics


Take advantage of the tax discounts
Current Tax Payments received before August 31st of the year will be eligible for a 3% discount. Remember that all taxes are to be paid in full prior to year end (December 31st) or you risk a tax lien being placed on your property. Save yourself from a larger lump sum payment in the middle of summer by paying your taxes on a monthly basis in advance of tax notices being produced and mailed to you. Smaller monthly payments rather than a big bill once a year. Contact the village office at 306-832-2131 for more information.


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